DESPAIR, now available at your online bookstore!

This is how the book starts:
"...SHE LIES FLAT ON the cold stone floor. Her face feels like fire – a burning pain that has invaded her whole body forced her to surrender. Her strength has betrayed her – she is powerless. She wants to raise her head and swallow, but can’t.
    “Viktor… hide!” She cries out but her voice is too weak. The words disappear down her throat, carried by the tide of warm blood flowing through her body. She gulps again and again to stop choking. She can’t move her jaw and her head is pounding as if her heart has been transplanted into her skull.
    A sense of utter helplessness overwhelms her. But she doesn’t care what happens to her. Her only concern is for the boy – all she can think of is his terrified face.
    “Viktor, hide! Hide!” She shouts as loudly as she can.
    She sees the boy in front of her.
    Viktor had screamed and cried incessantly in a desperate attempt to stop what was happening, following his mother as she ran from room to room, clinging to her legs to shield her from the blows, as if he wanted to protect her – follow her and not be left alone.
    He kept beating and kicking her. There was nothing she could do but run. She had to get him away from Viktor – he mustn’t take it out on the boy as well.
    “Viktor… No, no…oh no…”
    Her eyes are bruised and swollen. She cries but her tears are rivulets of blood.
    “Get up, you whore! Too tired to run, are you?” He jeers. His clothes are almost covered with blood, his white shirt stained red. He breathes heavily.
    “I’ll help you get up, you stupid bitch! Let’s see how much more you can take. You haven’t had even half of what you deserve!”
    She lies there mute and rigid as a corpse. But the anger in his voice is deafening... ..."

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