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My ambition is to stimulate your thoughts and feelings, not just invite you to enjoy a reading experience. For most of my adult life I have been interested in human survival issues, and my writing has been hugely influenced by concerns relating to women’s vulnerability in society. My books reflect this fact. They are the result of research that I began in the early 1970’s while living in London. It was then that I put my thoughts into words for the first time in an academic thesis about women’s’ life experiences and the injustices they face around the world.

Due to a variety of circumstances I ended up in Sweden – a country where, according to the law, men and women are considered equal. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that, even here, female vulnerability still exists.

A lot of water would flow under the bridge before this story was transformed from an academic paper into a novel. I felt compelled to draw attention to the violence that exists all around us, every day. I had no choice but to rise to the challenge and attempt to write a captivating trilogy on this serious subject.

Although self-publishing is not a new phenomenon, it involves a lot more than just writing a book. Nothing is served on a silver platter, it takes hard work and dedication every step of the process. The technical and practical skills I have accumulated along the way are immeasurable.

My books are available on Amazon, Adlibris, Bokus and other booksellers worldwide. If you are interested in thrillers or drama, then these books are for you.

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