The demonstration - #onewomanriot

I was so moved when I marched together with my sisterhood. A march that reminded me on a chapter in my book “Despair” – Women had enough and a nationwide protest march is organized becoming the sole and broadest march in the Swedish women's history.
Here some texts from “Despair”:
     “… All the demonstrations around the country occurred at the same time…”
    “It seemed as the entire population of Stockholm was amassing in one place. Banners and placards representing a number of different organizations were visible as far as the eye could see. …”
    “…It was an endless procession. A number of different organizations had heeded the call to demonstrate and were participating with banners, streamers and homemade placards with protest slogans. A few shouted in unison: “Stop the violence! No means no!” Others carried lit torches in a silent mourning procession. Some had posters with copies of the texts that women had placed in locations where they had been attacked or raped.
    For the first time in history these texts were the genuine article. They were written by women who were describing their own experiences…”